Unbelievable? is a popular apologetics and theology and discussion podcast from Premier, hosted by Justin Brierley.

These courses are based on teaching material from Unbelievable? the conference to help you grow in your understanding of Christianity, answer atheist objections, and share faith.

"I am an ex pastor who has been struggling with my faith and on the brink of atheism. Your podcast has helped me immensely and pulled me back from the edge of unbelief."


Learn the story of Christianity, how to think biblically, why it matters and how we can show others that it is true.


Learn how to answer objections to faith, the philosophical evidence for God, and the historical case for the resurrection.


Learn to share your faith in compelling and fruitful ways that are relevant to the questions people are asking in today's culture.

Ruth Jackson

Ruth Jackson is a speaker and producer and youth specialist for Premier Christian Radio's Unbelievable? radio programmes and podcasts including the CS Lewis Podcast, Unapologetic and Unbelievable. She was previously editor of Premier Youth and Children’s Work magazine.

Ruth studied theology at Oxford University before working at the BBC’s flagship children’s television show Blue Peter. She then moved to the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, where she helped set up the youth apologetics strand Reboot.

Justin Brierley

Justin Brierley is a speaker and author and a former Apologetics and Theology Editor for Premier. He is passionate about showing why the Christian faith makes sense in today's world, and helping others to be confident in sharing it.

He is the founder of the long-running radio show and podcast Unbelievable? which brings Christians and non-Christians together for dialogue and is the author of 'Unbelievable? Why, after ten years of talking with atheists, I'm still a Christian'.